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Saturday, October 26, 2013

15 Reasons Why Cats Are the Most Fearless Creatures

This pretty well explains the title of the blog.  But, if I didn't add more to this, you wouldn't have anything to read!  So, let's look at some instances where cats are indeed fearless.

This fellow is just making sure the dog knows his place.

Sweet whispers into a friend's ear

Yikes!  This one could be trouble!

 I'd watch out for this one too.

As you can see, they develop this attitude at a very young age.  Here's a few more strutting their stuff.

 What makes them so fearless?  Perhaps that's how they see themselves and act according.

Follow this link to see some fearless cats in action.  It is hilarious!

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  1. Marion, these are hilarious! Thoroughly enjoyed! :-)