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Friday, July 19, 2013

Cats eat, sleep, play, want attention, and show affection in return.  Sometimes, they can be very helpful.  You might think they're in the way, but they're just trying to get your attention. as shown in the above pictures.  If you have a sense of humor, you might get a chuckle out of the following pictures.

They help each other keep clean,

and while they're exploring.  (Sometimes you need a lift up)

They even help other animals,

but they love to help us!  (In their own way, of course)

No need to worry about your computer if your cat is on the job!

They'll help you with your food,

help you to stay warm,

and warn you about danger.

What more could you expect?  Talk about a complete package deal!  All they require is fresh water and food along with your affection.  Pretty good exchange, I think.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Watching a cat play with an object or with each other is always a surprise because you never know what might happen.  The most common objects to us could be a treasure for them.  For example, my older cat, Kirby, has now decided that playing with the straps on my swimming suit hanging on the handicapped handle of the bathtub is the greatest thing since peanut butter!  Have hung my suits there for the last two years when I rinse them out after water aerobics.  But, he's just now discovered this "thing" to play with and is having a ball.

Another common object I've found that all of my cats have liked to play with has been just an ordinary box regardless of whether it's empty or has something in it.  Much like this cat:

Or maybe a box designed by their owner like this one:

However, the poor cat doesn't really look too happy since it probably wasn't his idea.  Just plain old boxes will do.  My younger cat, Sammy, likes to tip over the recycling box that we have for papers anytime it's empty.  Once papers are in it, he leaves it alone.  But, if it's empty, he can't resist!

They can keep themselves entertained very well just as Kirby did with my swimming suit strap.  Or like these cats:

From catching butterflies, to exploring:

to being hyperactive:

Get two kitty cats together, and they can come up with most anything!

Sometimes their play will get them into very awkward places.

But, however they play, you can be assured that you will be laughing and thoroughly entertained!

Friday, July 5, 2013


In the last two blogs, we have covered some of the crazy contortions cats go through to sit and to sleep or least rest.  Might as well talk about eating because if mine are not playing or sleeping, guess what they want to do.  My younger cat, Sammy, likes to eat throughout the day.  A little bit here and a little bit there.  However, my older cat, Kirby, would eat us out of house and home if I allowed him to eat that way.  So, we've found ways to compromise and still get them both fed.  Whenever I come home or walk into the kitchen from any other room, no matter what time it is, this is the type of attitude that I will see from Kirby.

He'll talk, he'll butt up against me, lay on the floor for his tummy to be rubbed, or whatever he can think of to get my attention before he finally decides that now is not the right time.

He hasn't done this yet, but it wouldn't surprise me any if he did.

Fortunately, my boys are not picky eaters, but I feel for pet owners that have to deal with this kind of problem.  Nope, no problems along that line!  It could very easily go this way if Kirby could eat all he wanted.

He's to lose a pound over the next year according to the vet, so I've been very careful about the amount I give him.  He certainly doesn't get as much as he wants.  :>)

It's amazing how they can know that you're getting ready to feed them even when they're not in the same room.  But they associate certain sounds with the feeding preparation and don't miss a beat.  They're right there ready and waiting.

After they're done eating, then they feel this way before taking another nap or playing a little.

Most pet owners feed their pets several times a day.  As I said before, Kirby doesn't think that's enough.  But, he's especially thinking this when he gets me up at five in the morning.

And so begins another day in the our household.  Hope yours is a good one!