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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Oh, No! It's Sunday Again!

It was a beautiful spring day. The family had decided that it would be nice to go for a picnic after church. Mom fried some chicken, made potato salad, and added other things she thought her family would like. She even made a pie for dessert. Everyone piled in the car to go to church. After that, they went to the local park to have their picnic.

Mom and Dad spent the afternoon just relaxing and visiting while the kids played on the equipment, ran races, visited with friends they found there, and just kept active until they were too tired to do anything else. All in all, they spent about three hours at the park. By then, everyone was ready to go home. Both Mom and Dad had things to do to get ready for work tomorrow and the kids had homework to finish for school.

When the family arrived home, their cat, Jordy, was there to greet them. He noticed they didn't look as happy as when they left in the morning, but he didn't think much about it. After he was fed, he just sat and watched them. Dad was getting papers ready for a meeting at work the next day. Mom was making sure that her lesson plans were ready for the week since she was a teacher. The kids were mumbling under their breath about having to finish their homework. Jordy was so happy he was a cat because..........

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