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Saturday, November 9, 2013

27 Cats That Immediately Regretted Their Decisions

We've talked about cats being fearless and why they might think this way.  However, don't you think that maybe some of this fearlessness could get them into situations they might regret?  Yup, I think so.

And you're not the only cat that feels that way, my friend, as you will see in more pictures.

 Don't believe what the dog tells you!

 Don't get too close to the action to see what's going on.  Could be dangerous.

Whoops!  Hope you have a backup plan, kitty.

Hope it's not time to fire up the barbeque or this one will really regret his decision.

 Sometimes it's not a dangerous decision that was made.  It was just an ordinary one.

These are only a few examples, of course.  For some hilarious pictures of cats regretting their decisions, go to  I really had the giggles watching this.  Enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely hilarious, Marion! Thx for sharing! :-)