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Thursday, March 7, 2013

As I was struggling to get my coat, my hat, my gloves, etc. on the other day, I looked at Kirby and said to him, "Kirby, you're so lucky that you don't have to struggle with all these clothes!"  (Yes, I talk to my cat as though he is a person because he really thinks he is!)  That brought to mind the Petcentric article I had tweeted the other day.  Spring is just around the corner; however, we still need to protect our pets from the cold.  Just because they have fur or hair doesn't mean they are immune.  Even though my boys are indoor cats, there are basic tips that I need to follow.

 The article suggested putting a warm sweater on your pet.  Lots of luck with mine on that one!!  But, I do have pet beds with blankets and a nice warm lap with a comforter spread across it for them to sleep on at night.  During the day, we keep the shades up on the south side of the house.  My bed is by the south window where they can stretch out on the bed, bask in the sun, and have a wonderful nap.

There are many dangers for pets outside in the winter.  Climbing into places that might be warm, such as a car engine, could prove fatal.  Bang on your car hood if it's kept outside before starting it up.  All of the chemicals used by cities and towns on the roadways are also harmful to your pet.  Wiping their feet with a towel when they come in can keep their feet from getting irritated as well as keeping the chemical from getting into their system when they lick their feet.

For more information on basic winter care tips for your pet, check out the article at

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