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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thought I might try something a little different once in a while and see what you think.  Have a TON of kitty cat pictures, so I thought it would be fun to pick one out and build a story around it.  Used to do this with my second graders to see what kind of endings they could think of for the story I started.  As I said, let me know what you think.

Sandy was a very curious, four-month-old kitten.  She also thought she was very clever!  She had a good mommy who taught her how to clean herself, use the litter box, etc.  Mommy also taught her the tricks that cats use to make the humans do what they want them to do.  She was very confident when she started going out into the backyard with Mommy and felt very safe.  There were so many things to explore!!  Butterflies to watch, bugs to chase, flowers to dig up, and hoses to wrestle with.

One day she decided that she would go out in the yard by herself.  Mommy was asleep, and Sandy didn't want to wake her up.  She went bouncing through the pet door and out into the yard.  She ran, she jumped, she stalked, and she got very tired!  She didn't think she had the energy to get back inside, so she laid down under the shade of a tree to take a quick nap.

She hadn't noticed the squirrel in the tree.  He was busy running along the branches looking for food.  He went a little too far on a branch and a little part of it broke off and landed on Sandy's head!  She jumped up and was inside the house quicker than you can sneeze!  She ran up to Mommy and told her the sky was falling!  Mommy just smiled, calmed Sandy down, and told her that someday she would tell Sandy about squirrels.  "Oh, Mommy!", said Sandy.  "I love you so much.  I'm so glad you're my Mommy!"

Okay, "kids".  Let me know what you think or what you might add to the story.  Stay safe until next time!

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  1. Marion, what a cute story and the picture is a perfect fit. I am definitely a cat lover as you probably already know. Having a website called catnipoflife is sort of a giveaway, don't you think?! Looking forward to reading more of your stories and glad we connected. :-)