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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flying Around in Circles

Story Time!

It was a beautiful day for a trip! Bright, blue sky, very few clouds, and no wind. The family was excited to be on their way to visit friends and family in another part of the country. Mom and Dad had always enjoyed flying and looked forward to being able to do it again. Suitcases were packed and everyone was ready to go.

Dad drove the car to the airport where it would be parked until they arrived back home. The luggage was checked and everyone made their way through security. The kids were anxious to see which animal would be on the tail of their airplane. Wouldn't that be fun if they could really talk! Soon it was time to board. They all settled down into their seats, buckled their seat belts, and listened to the flight attendants give their speech while the pilots got the plane ready for takeoff.

Away they went! That was always the part that the kids loved best. The plane leveled off and everyone was enjoying the scenery out of the window. Things looked so small!  All was going great until the plane started going around in circles. They were close to where they were suppose to land, but the plane kept going around in circles! People started to wonder if they were EVER going to come down or run out of gas instead! Then the plane straightened out and landed. As people were getting off the plane, the pilot explained about the circles.


  1. This is soooo cute! I love it. And the photo just makes it. :-)

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