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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My question this week was: Are you thankful for your cat and why?  Received some neat answers.  One owner replied that the cat's antics brought her joy.  Oh, my goodness, yes!  I certainly would agree with that one.  Sometimes my two are purrfectly content to sleep and eat.  But, there are other days that you'd swear there are 20 cats in here instead of two because they are EVERYWHERE!  I have to caution my mother sometimes to watch out for them if they're on a rampage because she might get run over!  Into this, into that, chase each other, etc.  Their energy is boundless on those days.  Just recently purchased one of those "red dot" laser lights.  I think I get a bigger kick out of it than the cats!  Just watching them with it keeps me entertained.  And then there's empty boxes.  Got a chuckle out of this because it's so true.

Cats can entertain themselves with the box for hours.  Have to laugh at Sammy.  After we recycle, the first thing he does with the box that held paper is tip it over and crawl in.  Guess he has to see if anything changed!

Another owner told me that she loves her six cats because they are her saving grace.  If your world or you are going crazy, there's nothing more calming than to have a cat on your lap purring and looking at you with sleepy eyes.  You can feel yourself chilling out and have such a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.  Sammy can be a terror, but when he lays on my lap at night and looks at me with love in his eyes, my heart just melts.  They are such good companions.  They don't ask for much: food, water, love, and a place to go potty, of course.  What a blessing they can be.  According to research, people with pets tend to live longer.  I can understand why.

Would love to hear your reasons for being thankful for your cat.  Please leave a comment and have a great day!

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