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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I realized after I posted my blog last week that I didn't include a few other ways that Kirby and Sammy like to be petted.  And they were the most important!  Good grief, I must have been having a senior moment.  (Not that I get very many of them, you understand!)  Again, read your kitty's language, but you might find these pleasing to your cat as well.

Both of them like to have the sides of their neck rubbed and scratched.  I take the back of my hand and very gently start at the nose and go back to the neck.  They just lean into that and really purr.  When I'm brushing Kirby, he'll lean into the brush and do that himself.  I guess it's because they have a gland in those areas that secretes their "scent" when they brush up against something.  That's one of the ways that they mark their territory.  The other thing they like is being scratched under their chin.  Sammy likes this when he's laying on my lap.  Silly cat will stretch clear back so I can do that.  Kind of like this little guy.

The funny part is the fact that he's laying on his stomach when he stretches his head back like this!  I swear he's going to bend into a pretzel shape!

Have you ever had your cat just fall over in front of you and flop on their back or walk into the room and see them on their back with paws up?  Here's a clue as to what that means.

Have any questions or comments?  Would love the feedback!  Have a great week.

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